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Don’t forget about the Sunshine Rewards Referral Contest! Win a $25 GC or Credit!

Posted by JoyFilled on 11/04/2009

The contest ends on November 30th, so there are only about 3 1/2 weeks left!  Make sure to tell your referrals that if they earn over $5.00, BOTH of you are eligible to win a $25 gift card- the Sunshine Rewards member with the highest number of new active referrals (sign up between 10/13 and 11/30, and earn at least $5.00 including the $2.00 sign-up bonus) will win, and one of their active referrals will be randomly chosen to with the same prize.  If you are one of my referrals, make sure you earn at least $5.00 total (remember, you automatically start off with $2.00!) before 11/30 to be eligible under me, AND if you get your own active referrals you will have both opportunities to win!  This is a great, simple way to earn a $25 gift (of your choice- $25 Disney Gift Card, $25 PayPal credit, or $25 Amazon Gift Certificate), so make sure to spread the word along with your referral link!

Coupon and Discount Shopping at Sunshine Rewards


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